Note to software makers

So, a random rant for all those who develop software for our computers and mobile phones... MAKE A BETTER PRODUCT THEN ROLLOUT UPDATES LESS FREQUENTLY. I love that my devices are so well connected that I can keep everything up to date and not have to go out to some developers site and find it on my own only after the patch was out for over a month and it took word of mouth for me to find out about it. It's very convenient, but the nice thing about doing it myself, I did it once every few months and did just fine. Even before then, stuff came on discs and the chance to get and update out meant publishing and distributing cost the developer money, so they had better quality control on the initial release and any subsequent updates. Anything that was insignificant was held off for the next major rewritten version.

Today, every time I turn on a device, it want's to update. I turn on my PC and it's Microsoft, Adobe, some game developer, file transfer client, etc wanting to nag me about some insignifacnt updates or something they forgot to add when they made the program. I turn on my phone and find daily it wants to update anywhere from 5 to 25 apps a DAY! Same with my tablet. Even my PlayStation wants to update at least once a month lately. I'm even sure if I looked, even my TV wants to update but at least it doesn't nag me or keep me from using it just because some lazy programmer forgot that the program shouldn't of been released before testing it for security flaws or was too excited and had to push out the update that added a button for you to like their program on Google+ even though you despise and refuse to give in to using Google+. I pay enough for my data plans and every year the providers want to implement some limit on my connection while making me pay more for less, all while developers are pushing out more and more to eat up that connection. Tell you what, providers should charge the developers that way it's like it used to be and they start being more cautious on what they push out to the world without regard to how annoying it is or how if the trend continues, how expensive it may become.