Minecraft – Feed the Beast Server Live

Digital Insanity has now added a Feed The Beast server for advanced Minecraft game play. This is a heavily modded, highly technical version of Minecraft with hundreds of new items and crafting recipes. Play can include things such as solar panels feeding battery banks that will power pumps that will transport items from a process unit that converts wood into coal into a chest for storage. It can get pretty wild the amount of automation that can be put together. Download the client and give it a try at http://feed-the-beast.com/

Members go here to get the server information.

Minecraft 1.2 is out today!!!

Lots to be excited about and some to be leery about, I have been following this release closely and evaluating it for our own server. Be warned, it will not be immediately available anyways until Bukkit updates their side of the server files anyways, but aside from that, I struggle over the possible longer term loss of WorldEdit, one of our most flexible tools for large scale creative builds, along with quite possibly other plugins that no longer have or will have support behind them to create updates for this major change to the game world engine. WorldEdit, for example, is rumored that the developer will not be updating the plugin himself and rather is making it open source for others to do so, and that may cause significant delay in any updates.

Stay tuned for any news as the latest in relation to this update unfolds.

Minecraft updates 1.2w07

Looks like the people at Mojang are listening and have added many new updates that will introduce some new interesting features, most notably one we at *DI* have been looking for, increased map height. Looks like the new 1.2 version will change world heights from 128 to 256 blocks high.

Great that this will be supported on an official capacity and we are all looking forward to seeing this on our own servers given the people at Bukkit can release the server update and that our existing worlds can take advantage of this update along with the others.

Follow this link for more details.