Great Games Ruined By YouTube

YouTube has the power to make or break a game today. Thanks to today's game vloggers, we now have chances to witness and participate in a game community for a game we don't even own. We can see the drama and excitement that comes with some of the best titles of today and at times, it drives interest in the game, or it can squelch interest.

Games such as DayZ and Battlefield have had booms in playership thanks, in part, to some very good YouTube talent that have published the best bits of gameplay and created dramatic series almost as good as a television show. Players seem to flock to these searching to be part of the story they see play out hoping to witness their own version of the story and be a part of it.

Alternatively, I think YouTube can break a brilliant game. For example, The Stanley Parable, a witty and wonderfully written game with an extremely simple premise that plays on the curiosity that makes us human and tugs at our inherit natures. Gameplay provides many chuckles as the narrator seems to get increasingly frustrated with you as a player not following along with his story, only to show a dark and strange alternative that has multiple endings based on how the player "disobeys."

Unfortunately, I never played this game, but I know very much what gameplay is like thanks to YouTube. I watched a video that followed the vlogger through the game, and I found that the game shown had me transfixed making me want to see what was next. I couldn't just stop the video and go get it myself very easily and before I knew it, the vlogger beat the game along with multiple alternatives and I then realized, if I was to get the game, there wouldn't be much more for me to witness for myself beyond what I watched on YouTube that could warrant the price to buy the game. Yes, I could also admit that thanks to the developer, the game lacked content and this could be racked up to the reason why they didn't make as much money and maybe next time they should just add more content that couldn't be witnessed in just 1 short sitting of a vlogger's video. I would hope that would be the case since games like this deserve recognition and reward to encourage them to continue to make more content. I would hope to see the writers and developers for The Stanley Parable to come out with a new title full of much more content than this game had, similar to how Portal had it's sequel released a bit heavier than the original. I would buy their next title very readily, but until then, unfortunately, I doubt I will contribute to the existing title.