Join Us

By joining *DI* Gaming you will be able to participate within our dedicated gaming community. As a member, you can create discussions with other members, utilize the site as a hub for coordinating game play and tactics and you will gain access to a select number of services offered such as our gaming and voice servers.


  • Access to comment on posts and articles.
  • Access to the group information library and forums.



  • Ability to contribute articles and posts to the blog
  • Access to members only information.
  • Access to the voice servers.
    • Make non-permanent channels.
    • Moderate and move and kick users.
  • Access to select game servers.
  • Access to participate in social network.
  • Access to group events or equivalent gifts.

Payment Options

Donate what you want

Funding helps maintain our voice servers, domain management, web space, game servers (when  applicable), group events, group gifts, and used to purchase game packs at a discount for members.

Funds are collected in a Digital Insanity managed account. Funds collected will be entered into the general fund. At the end of the year the first $25 of the donation will have operating costs and group expenses deducted with option to have the remainder rolled into the next year membership or have it added to the general fund as a donation to the group or donated to another member. Any amounts beyond the first $25 will be automatically added to the general fund.

With your help we can grow our community and help improve services that can be offered to our members.