Great Games Ruined By YouTube

YouTube has the power to make or break a game today. Thanks to today's game vloggers, we now have chances to witness and participate in a game community for a game we don't even own. We can see the drama and excitement that comes with some of the best titles of today and at times, it drives interest in the game, or it can squelch interest.

Games such as DayZ and Battlefield have had booms in playership thanks, in part, to some very good YouTube talent that have published the best bits of gameplay and created dramatic series almost as good as a television show. Players seem to flock to these searching to be part of the story they see play out hoping to witness their own version of the story and be a part of it.

Alternatively, I think YouTube can break a brilliant game. For example, The Stanley Parable, a witty and wonderfully written game with an extremely simple premise that plays on the curiosity that makes us human and tugs at our inherit natures. Gameplay provides many chuckles as the narrator seems to get increasingly frustrated with you as a player not following along with his story, only to show a dark and strange alternative that has multiple endings based on how the player "disobeys."

Unfortunately, I never played this game, but I know very much what gameplay is like thanks to YouTube. I watched a video that followed the vlogger through the game, and I found that the game shown had me transfixed making me want to see what was next. I couldn't just stop the video and go get it myself very easily and before I knew it, the vlogger beat the game along with multiple alternatives and I then realized, if I was to get the game, there wouldn't be much more for me to witness for myself beyond what I watched on YouTube that could warrant the price to buy the game. Yes, I could also admit that thanks to the developer, the game lacked content and this could be racked up to the reason why they didn't make as much money and maybe next time they should just add more content that couldn't be witnessed in just 1 short sitting of a vlogger's video. I would hope that would be the case since games like this deserve recognition and reward to encourage them to continue to make more content. I would hope to see the writers and developers for The Stanley Parable to come out with a new title full of much more content than this game had, similar to how Portal had it's sequel released a bit heavier than the original. I would buy their next title very readily, but until then, unfortunately, I doubt I will contribute to the existing title.

DayZ Server News

The decision has been made to discontinue the DayZ Mod Server. It was an interesting adventure and we are thankful for all the loyal players that we gained during the time we maintained it, but based on the decline in server population, the lack of interest within the immediate DI group and the admins not having time available to enhance the server to a level that would please the players, the cost of keeping it could not be justified.

We apologize to anyone who may be disappointed and we hope you stay in touch with DI since this will be far from the last server we will host or game we will play as a group. There is also the prospect of the DayZ Standalone that may gain some consideration when it emerges into and out of alpha. Given the changes advertised thus far in the Dev Blogs, there is a lot of attributes that the mod lacked and that from an admin point were difficult to add and maintain as the mod was updated. If these features release as part of the core game/server it may be worth looking at hosting a server once again.

Keep in mind, DI is still a very active group and we so play a variety of games and are more than happy to welcome all to come join us. Leave us a comment via here, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or email and we would be happy to discuss joining us in our gameplay.

Thanks for the understanding and happy gaming....

Membership/Donation Explained

There is question about the benefits of donation/contributions to the group and I would like to cover some of these concerns.

First, here is an outline for the goals of contributions;

  • Services

We need to maintain subscription fees for Teamspeak, Web and Game Servers and associated registration fees. The monthly cost of these are not significant and would be very easily covered with minimal contribution from most or all current members.

  • Benefits

The other objective for having a cash flow is for supporting benefits for the members. At times we want to make game purchases at discounted prices and we can easily use this money to make the purchase with the anticipation of members wanting the title for a better price than if they bought a single copy on their own, it is only asked that it be paid for at the discount level for your membership class. Also, with a portion of any funding surplus, we hope to offer free games to certain membership levels once we have fulfilled and exceeded our funding goals.

  • Growth

We don't plan to be an 8 man group forever. We would like to add members and include features to attract new members. As our ranks increase, so does our ability to purchase more game servers, larger blocks of discounted games and enhancements for the current services.

Now, having outlined these objectives, I want to say, contributions by any means are not required by a member. I only ask that you consider what you can afford and what benefits you want from the group when making a decision. However, by implementing contributions, we need to put members into the roles that are associated with their contribution levels. Now, in some cases contributions may not always come in the form of money but involvement too. Contribution to membership recruiting, website content and development, along with anything else that benefits the group as a whole has it's value and warrants some honorary roles in the group.

Keep in mind, we have a funding goal for breaking even with the current setup and I could share this, but that is not the objective here. We need to add new goals, new benefits, promote growth and offer ways to obtain as much as possible to support this direction, not breaking even. And if we fall below our goals, then we cannot sustain all the benefits and may need to cut costs across all services. Obviously we are a creative group and can find ways to do without paying for some things, but with that comes additional burden and possible lack in reliability.

Contributions and funding the group is still a new concept and will continue to mature through the coming months, but rest assured, that anything offered to help all of us enjoy the benefits of playing together and getting the most from our collective efforts will be the most important ideal in the management of the group and your offerings.

Olimometer 2.52

Digital Insanity Movie Event & Poll








We are looking at organizing a group event for *DI* members in the Michigan area. On May 17th is the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness and we would like to invite all interested to participate in a group event in a style that hasn't been done in quite some time. Please take the time to consider this as a big *DI* event as well as any other friends or relatives that might be interested in joining. We are trying to assemble options and how and where we want to see this so if you vote on the poll to give us an idea and comment with any suggestions and how many might come that would go a long way to figuring out how we want to do this.


DayZ Server

Just not sure if everyone was aware, but our glorious DayZ server provider had decided that 1 days notice was enough before informing us that service was to be migrated to a new and better game server as well as a new IP. So that means that the favorite of the server is no longer valid and will need to be updated if you are using DayZ commander. Just do another search for US 1720 and it will come up again.

DayZ Mod Version Evaluations

So, I am still evaluating DayZ and the other versions of it that are available. Thus far, on an official regular server, I very much like the game play and difficulty of the maps, the spawns and the loot with the exception of creating a camp where it doesn't need to rely on tents and vehicles for storage.

I looked at Origins briefly and at first it seems to be very PVP in nature. The map is challenging and there is a fair share of hackers roaming the servers at the moment. I haven't had the opportunity to evaluate the base making and would like to put in more time and see if I can get past the heavy PVP and away from the hackers to give this version it's fair shake.

I have also looked at the Dayz+ mod and played shortly on an official server and immediately found that although the version was advertised as the DayZ everyone wants since it was generated on user feedback and  the most notable features were the ability to build and the lack of using bushes to hide from zombies it seemed to have a lot more than that going on. I found that the zombie difficulty was way higher, with most taking 2-3 wacks with a hatchet. Loot spawns seemed no different than normal with more meds mixed in the industrial one I was on, but not once did I see building material. Then the damage/alert system is not right. I found zombies aggro with out my combat indicator flashing until they hit me and when they hit they hit hard. I would bleed easily, have a broken bone or the worst was the poisoning.  Overall, not what I thought was advertised. I couldn't walk off of spawn and grab some loot without dying. Not a fan so far, but as with the original mod, it might take some getting used to.

I'd like to see what anyone else thinks and let me know if they find something they like as well.

Dayz Origins

Just a Thought lets change mods..

DayZ Origins is an unofficial spin-off of Arma 2′s now famous zombie survival gametype – a mod of a mod, if you will. It took some flack over using the DayZ name, but its creativity’s been praised by DayZ’s creator Dean “Rocket” Hall. And given the substantial ambition evident in its latest update, it’s not hard to see why.

Origins 1.0 introduced a survivor city where the moneyed elite had holed up, protected by high walls and mercenaries. It created a shared objective for players, who could band together to fight their way in. 1.5 sees the city’s occupants fight back, sending sorties of mercenaries to the mainland, making survivors’ plight all the more perilous. It also introduces Mad Max-style jury-rigged vehicles – entirely customisable by players. You can jam a plough onto the front of a truck to hoof dead-heads off the road, or even add wheels to a boat to make an amphibious vehicle. There are player-made encampments, too, which can be upgraded over time.

There are a dozen new zombie types, too, each with different capabilities, and a large number of additional locations built onto a modified version of the Tavania map, including a race course and safari park – plenty of stuff to keep zompocaylpse survivors busy while awaiting the official standalone version of DayZ.

Head over to for the full feature list. The client files should be uploaded and ready for download imminently.