Membership/Donation Explained

There is question about the benefits of donation/contributions to the group and I would like to cover some of these concerns.

First, here is an outline for the goals of contributions;

  • Services

We need to maintain subscription fees for Teamspeak, Web and Game Servers and associated registration fees. The monthly cost of these are not significant and would be very easily covered with minimal contribution from most or all current members.

  • Benefits

The other objective for having a cash flow is for supporting benefits for the members. At times we want to make game purchases at discounted prices and we can easily use this money to make the purchase with the anticipation of members wanting the title for a better price than if they bought a single copy on their own, it is only asked that it be paid for at the discount level for your membership class. Also, with a portion of any funding surplus, we hope to offer free games to certain membership levels once we have fulfilled and exceeded our funding goals.

  • Growth

We don't plan to be an 8 man group forever. We would like to add members and include features to attract new members. As our ranks increase, so does our ability to purchase more game servers, larger blocks of discounted games and enhancements for the current services.

Now, having outlined these objectives, I want to say, contributions by any means are not required by a member. I only ask that you consider what you can afford and what benefits you want from the group when making a decision. However, by implementing contributions, we need to put members into the roles that are associated with their contribution levels. Now, in some cases contributions may not always come in the form of money but involvement too. Contribution to membership recruiting, website content and development, along with anything else that benefits the group as a whole has it's value and warrants some honorary roles in the group.

Keep in mind, we have a funding goal for breaking even with the current setup and I could share this, but that is not the objective here. We need to add new goals, new benefits, promote growth and offer ways to obtain as much as possible to support this direction, not breaking even. And if we fall below our goals, then we cannot sustain all the benefits and may need to cut costs across all services. Obviously we are a creative group and can find ways to do without paying for some things, but with that comes additional burden and possible lack in reliability.

Contributions and funding the group is still a new concept and will continue to mature through the coming months, but rest assured, that anything offered to help all of us enjoy the benefits of playing together and getting the most from our collective efforts will be the most important ideal in the management of the group and your offerings.

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