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We are looking at organizing a group event for *DI* members in the Michigan area. On May 17th is the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness and we would like to invite all interested to participate in a group event in a style that hasn't been done in quite some time. Please take the time to consider this as a big *DI* event as well as any other friends or relatives that might be interested in joining. We are trying to assemble options and how and where we want to see this so if you vote on the poll to give us an idea and comment with any suggestions and how many might come that would go a long way to figuring out how we want to do this.


6 thoughts on “Digital Insanity Movie Event & Poll

  1. If we are looking for IMAX, it looks like Hall & M-53 or Great Lakes Crossing are the closest options. This is something we havent done in some time, so I’d think making it a big outing would be fun. Question is, do we attempt opening night too? We would need to buy in advance I am sure, so voting and party size would be REALLY important ASAP.

    • I would prefer a Saturday matinee myself but i understand not all of us can do that so Friday night would be good.

      • I’m not opposed to a Saturday matinee either. Pretty open with that myself.

      • Not attending? Is it Star Trek or do we all smell funny? Next time, we can have the “Sit Home and Be Boring *DI* Event” just for you… It’s a get together bud, the movie is just an excuse.

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