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2 of many classes:

Control Wizard:

The Control Wizard, previewed in our latest class preview video, has a spell for every occasion, and a counter for every resistance. Staring down an ogre? Chill it with the Ray of Frost until it's encased in an icy slab, then finish it with a barrage of Magic Missiles. If his orcish minions try to get revenge, knock them all away with the powerful Ice Storm blast.

Just remember, your lack of armor can leave you vulnerable. An expert Control Wizard will know when to use the Teleport ability to get out of trouble and back with her team.

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Guardian Fighter:

Some fighters choose to rely on large imposing weapons, others prefer dirty tricks. You believe that fighting better means fighting smarter. You traded in large cumbersome heavy weapons for superior defenses and the ability to control the battlefield around you.

You fight with sword, and board. Equipping a long sword in one hand and shield in the other, allowing you to be able to best defend your allies on the field of battle. You can use your shield to block incoming attacks, or slam your enemies, weakening them. Your long sword can be used to cleave through swathes of enemies, ensuring that their attention is kept on you, and not your allies. While your shield may be used to temporarily weaken foes who threaten you, or your allies.

Abilities such as Lunging Strike can be used to charge your enemy, closing the distance between you; and Enforced Threat can be used to ensure that your quarry attacks only you, allowing your fellows to move freely through the battle field.  Even stronger powers, such as Fighter’s Recovery, can be used in moments of duress to help you stay alive, and continue to protect your allies when the battle turns grim.

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