Web Server Migration

For the purpose of security, connectivity and just so I don't need to bog down my gaming bandwidth to put up with the troubles of hosting a domain from my home connection, I have been working toward putting the group's web presence onto a legitimate host server. There is a little bit of learning how they do things versus how I have historically done them, there are some limitations to what can be done that I hope to triumph over and there is opportunity to explore new ways of doing things. At the core, I want to try and leave much of our content still on the site if I can, but I am looking at trying to be more integrated between platforms especially with a single login. I will be testing over the next few months so keep in mind things may change on different areas of the site. One thing I am sure I have settled on is the use of WordPress which has been the primary front end for a while now. I would suggest that anything you wish to share should be published through the blog since I will try to leave that content alone. If you have anything for the forum, I would suggest holding off for now.

Keep in mind, with the migration, it appears none of the logins have carried over and you will be required to re-apply to the site.


Thanks for your understanding.