Minecraft changes

I've been working on some updates to the Minecraft server by implementing McMyAdmin to assist in managing the server. Mojang and team have been putting out regular updates and I would like to keep up better with the official releases especially so that those users with official accounts or play on other servers and have updated their clients already will not need to try and downgrade just to play on ours. My goal is to make the server available to as many users as I can even tho the process of updating a client for offline mode can be painful, the official client is much easier.

Along with the server updates, i am introducing a new world scheme where the primary world is using the latest biome seed and will serve as the junction between worlds. I have been able to find a fairly efficient way to move world to world using a portal room and will implement this across the server.

Plan is that the primary world is a build world open to both survival or creative. I would suggest that near spawn only class A projects be put up since this will be the primary exposure that new users will be exposed to.

In the secondary worlds, there will be two strictly creative and another that is strictly survival. Those will be based on existing worlds Spud, Smooth and Monkey.

The old server maps will also exist like Rusty, Palm as well as at times downloaded maps from other servers such as ZackScottGames Scotland and Nova or Fyre UK 100,000 user map.

I am open for suggestions and welcome all to the changes and hope to increase participation on the server.


Offline client resource:


Diablo III released tonight!

Tonight is the long awaited release of Diablo III. Considering the time waited for this title, some of our group are going to brave the lines while others have taken advantage of the pre-download all to be on the start line by the 12am PST (3am EST) and even taking the day from work. Looks like participation is high for DI and at last check most of our regular group has indeed committed to obtaining their copy and being part of this monumental release. Let's hope it's all been worth the wait.

Watch the forum for details related to the group's experience and information.